Forex by Bitcoin – Global Markets.

If you want to get into the global markets but you don’t have enough time to follow all the developments in economy, you have the chance to follow some experienced user at 1broker and copy their trades automatically. They serve more than 20,000 users and handled over 2,000,000 trades since 2012. And they have lots of markets like DAX, EUR/USD, gold, silver , etc…


Social Trading
Share your trades and copy popular users. You even receive a reward if someone copies your trades! A perfect opportunity to earn a passive income by sharing your knowledge. You can find more details on the site:

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Second option:

If you are looking a decent place for your Forex Investments, there are a few companies which accept Bitcoins as a payment option.  I highly recommend you Tradersway where you can make your deposits by bitcoins. At the end, you will be able to access markets of Forex by bitcoin. And also, you can withdraw your investments by bitcoin.

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